A complete reference consists of:

  1. A reference in continuous text in direct connection with the quote followed by a page number to show where the quote has been retrieved.
  2. In the reference list at the end of the document, which presents all the references you have used in the text.

Examples of quotes using Harvard style

For shorter texts

Examples of short quotes within quotation marks.

“The purpose of basic research is knowledge for the sake of knowledge” (Patton 2002, p. 215).
Example taken from: Patton, M. (2002). Qualitative research and evaluation methods. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.

For longer texts

If you cite a longer text, it should be written in a separate paragraph with indentations in both the right and left sides. In these cases, quotation marks are not used. The text can also be reduced slightly to make it clear that it is a block quote.

If you own any other books on search engine optimization, throw them out. They belong to the mass of misinformation that has been swimming around for years, keeping people from making their websites truly appealing to search engines. And no surprise, Google loves it. (Bailyn & Bailyn 2011, p. 1)
Example taken from: Bailyn, E. & Bailyn, B. (2011). Outsmarting Google: SEO secrets to winning new business. Indianapolis: Que Publishing.